Choosing flowers for you wedding.

Choosing flowers for you wedding.

Posted by Debra Rosenberg on 17th Jan 2017

Flowers have been a part of weddings since the beginning of time.  Traditionally the bride's bouquet has been white or pastel with touches of color for accents.  Less traditional, but equally beautiful, is a bouquet of wild flowers.  Flowers should blend with your gown and your style.  With the many different types of bouquets and flowers, finding the right one that fits you should not be a problem.

Maids of honor traditionally carry a bouquet similar to the Bridesmaids, but usually it is more elaborate or distinctively different.  

Bridesmaids carry traditional bouquets, wrist corsages, single flowers or roses wrapped in ribbon, baskets of flowers, flower crowns or flowers for their hair.

Grooms wear a lapel spray from the bride's bouquet and the Best man and Groomsmen wear a boutonniere to match the bridesmaids bouquets. Boutonnieres are also worn by the Fathers, Grandfathers, Ring Bearers and any other male participating in the ceremonies.

Corsages either wrist or pin on are worn by the Mothers, Grandmothers and any other women who will be participating in the ceremonies.